We are living in one of the most extraordinary times in all of human history. All around us the world is transitioning and transforming. In every domain politics, art, education and in church change is accelerating. It is exhilarating and at times frightening but it is good. This page is dedicated to some thoughts on where we are and the adventure of this season.

Our names are Nigel and Debbie Desmond, and we are Christians, parents to four children and have been in ministry since 1992 in South Africa. We believe that God is good all the time. We have a call to awaken the whole church to the miraculous power of the gospel available to us in Christ and to spread the fires of revival and the light of reformation throughout the world.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mitch says:


    I really enjoyed reading your blog!

    I read your blog on…I think the one about the KingFisher being dead and you made a comment about knowing about intimacy and having intimacy with Jesus.

    I have grown up in church and have a real desire to Know God and love him and make him know, but struggle with having intimacy and hearing his voice. You seem to really know Jesus and I am hoping you can give me some advice.

    Mitch, 20, Australia.


  2. Anonymous says:

    If God is good all the time, why does he allow people to suffer?


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